Monday, 1 April 2013

My spring/summer playlist :)

Hey there, ive put together a few of the songs and bands that i will be listening to over the spring and summer for you guys to cheak out! I'm not really a lover of the current top 40 and ive been shown a few bands by my friends that i now love so now i wanna spread the love to you!
Not in any order just the order that comes to my mind :)

I think thats the majority but if i think of anymore i will add them :)

My Birthday

It was my birthday on easter sunday and i thought i should show you guys what i got:)
I'll start off with All my Soap&Glory bits! I got LOADS! The butter yourself was from Sophia, The minis were from Shannon, The scent-sational sprays were from Diane, i got 2 sets of hand food and heel genius one from my mum and one from Zoe. The rest was from my mummy :)


I also got some other really nice bits and bobs!!
From Sophia :)
From Mummy && the family
From Shannon :)
From Shannon :)

From Max :)
From Sophia :)

From Nanny :)
From Emma :)

From Sophia:)
From A variety of people :)
From Family :)

From Mummy :)

I also got 3 tickets to go see chorusline in the theatre on wednesday and i shall tell you how it as!! :) 
I love all of my presents and am so grateful that people spent thier money on me:) Thank you very much :) xoxo
p.s thier will be a review on the Soap&glory Products :)
p.p.s thier will also be a room tour :)
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